Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great Oregon Steam-Up: Cars & Trucks

Clear out at the far end of the area was a nicely mowed grass area with a wide assortment of great looking cars. I found out later the Car & Motorcycle Museum was next to the field but we only took time to tour the interior of one museum.

The Straight 8 Buick was my favorite car. I thought it looked impressive from the front,

or the back.

The trucks looked just as  good.

Lots of love and tender care to restore this old farm truck. We won't calculate how old it is since I think it was born the same year I was.

Loved the Texaco fuel truck that was parked in the service station's service bay.

If you find the service station, the car & motorcycle museum is located next to it.

We were surprised to find a huge "flea market" with all sorts of stuff across the road from the service station. A true scrounger could have spent all day just cruising through the boxes, barrels, and tables full of stuff as well as the stuff that was too big for a box or barrel.


  1. I've really enjoyed your posts from this event. Have always loved to see those engineering marvels from a hundred years ago. Not much of that kind of machinery left down in our part of the country. Was told most was sold as scrap during WWII.

    1. I'm amazed what has survived. This event plays very nicely with the Oregon Gathering which is one week ahead of this event. I'm thinking Alaska next summer, but putting the Gathering and Steam-Up together again on a trip the following year is already rattling around in my head.

  2. All of these are really good-looking. It is amazing what they were able to do decades ago.I often wonder if we took two steps forward and one back over time.

    1. For the most part, motive systems were simpler than they are now which made them easier to overhaul, but cars now seem to run lots longer between overhauls given equivalent care.