Friday, July 4, 2014

Kinda Quiet

It has been kinda quiet in Tumwater, except for the folks that got started a day early with the fireworks. Turk isn't a real happy camper right now although you would never know it from this picture.

We enjoyed time with part of BJ's family today, and visited other family members yesterday. We managed to find Eagan's in their strange location, remembering to NOT go there with the trailer in tow. I'm not sure the logic to their parking lot

but the Smitty's burger (which I don't think is on the posted menu) was well worth it. It's the same as the Big Tom's except that it is on a wonderful, chewy crust, French roll.

We did decide that the big house and the big yard that she remembered from her childhood must have shrunk. Only one corner was visible and it clearly wasn't very big.

I'm hoping to check out at least one quiet paddling location and some little known campgrounds while we're in the area.

Hope my US readers had a wonderful Independence Day.

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