Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summit Lake

While we were in the area and the weather remained beautiful, we headed out to Summit Lake on our last full day. There is a public (Discovery Pass required) launch site on the lake, but we took advantage of our connections and launched from BJ's step-mom's cabin.  This paddle was more about the variety of real estate than it was about potential wildlife although we did have one osprey keep an eye on us.

In the past there has been at least one float plane based on the lake as well as lots of ski boats and personal watercraft, so our hope was to get on the lake ahead of them.

The vast majority of the properties were very well kept and while we didn't see lots of people, nearly all those we did see were working on house maintenance.

For the first 45 minutes, the only other watercraft we saw was a stand-up paddle board, complete with two sharp shooting bodyguards.

We passed colorful beach chairs

and beautiful homes of all sizes. Some could be full time residences while others

were clearly used as minimal lake cabins - a place to get away. Most were very nicely kept and freshly painted

but there were a couple places that could stand some significant effort on the landscaping and the buildings.

This one had a For Sale sign. The dock was mossy and needed some loving care. There was a power pole near the trailer but it wasn't clear how the trailer got there. I couldn't spot a driveway. Maybe the trailer and the tarp over it comes as part of the deal. Seems like the place would look better with a fiberglass trailer and a weed eater - just saying....

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