Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lincoln City, Oregon

Our stop in Lincoln City was all about positioning. With the Great Oregon Steam-Up scheduled for the weekend after the Oregon Gathering, we needed someplace different to cool our heels and get our last dose of ocean for this trip.

Unlike so many of the other places we've visited on this trip, Lincoln City has a short history. Incorporated in 1965, Lincoln City is the amalgamation of five individual towns which explains why it stretches for so far along Highway 101.

BJ spotted an outlet mall when we came into town so we eventually headed back that direction. She was looking for another sports shirt for her upcoming hiking & kayaking trip to the Channel Islands. Of course, we had to visit the Pendleton outlet while we were there.

I was pleased to note that I seem to have overcome my Pendleton addiction. We were able to walk through this shop and leave without any additional Pendleton purchases. They didn't even offer an extra discount for walking into the store wearing a Pendleton shirt.

Shopping out of the way, it seemed like we should take a last shot at fresh fish & chips. The first place we tried had a 45 minute kitchen wait and snippy staff, so we headed to the Taft neighborhood in the far south end of town.

Like the whole rest of the town, parking was a premium but we managed to snag the spot right in front of the door at Mo's. They're a small chain scattered along the coast that is known for calm chowder, and deservedly so.

The place was full but it was only about a 5 minute wait to get a seat. BJ had fish & chips that didn't look like anything extraordinary. I had a cup of chowder and the shrimp sampler which was excellent. The area is not RV friendly, but the food was good and a good value.


  1. If you are still in the area, Barnacle Bills has divine smoked salmon!

    1. I didn't try Barnacle Bill's because I still have a bit of smoked salmon left from Tillamook. Heard Barnacle Bill's is very good.