Friday, July 18, 2014

Oregon Gathering - Our Second Day

We went in to town yesterday to get the marshmallows we said we'd bring for tonight's s'mores, and fresh veggies for our contribution to tomorrow's potluck. Timed the trip around lunch - another excuse for fresh seafood. We went to Tony's because a friend who used to live here said the best was "in a little shack by the water" and this seemed to fit the description.

Seating inside the little shack was full so we joined everyone else enjoying the chilly breeze while we waited for our food. We started watching the mother with 4 kids next to us as she introduced her kids to clam chowder and crab cocktails - a single serving of each making the rounds of the table.

BJ ordered the grilled salmon which looked wonderful

while I ordered the crab cakes and a single fish taco. Once again the crab cakes disappointed (I'm still looking for one that excites me) but the fish taco was very good.

By the time our food was ready we'd snagged an inside table and the family got started on oysters on the half shell. Mom had one to demonstrate and then the kids discussed who got to go first. A video in progress while the first daughter demonstrated the technique. I didn't take a picture of the second daughter to try - she clearly did NOT appreciate oysters!

Talked with the Mom as we left. She'd lived in the area but now they weren't near fresh seafood and she wanted her kids to appreciate good, fresh, seafood. I think it was an experience the kids will all remember fondly.

In hopes for doing farm supply research for Ellen, we stopped in to discover that the only supplies that farms in Bandon apparently need was tee shirts, sweat shirts, or fudge.

Yesterday evening was the first official event of the Gathering. The craft beer exchange was a popular event for many.

The exchange was over in minutes but the conversations lasted for at least an hour.

Jon Vermilye has a growing collection of pictures from the Gathering on his Lakeshore Images page.


  1. Chocolate, even fudge is a very important item for every farm. Especially in winter, spring, fall and often summer!

  2. Was skimming through your post this am, half asleep, when I caught the phrase "chilly breeze" and looked closer at the picture. Yes, it was very chilly, also, last summer at this table until we scored a place on the inside! Can't remember what we ordered but enjoyed Joe's Crab Shack!

    1. It was apparently unusually warm today. Got up to the mid 70s at the park. :-)