Monday, July 21, 2014

Oregon Gathering - Our Fifth & Final Day

Some people started making their Escape on Sunday morning, headed towards home,

while lots of others enjoyed a bunch potluck. This group is a potlucking bunch, and always good food!

They even set up a stove for pancakes right off the griddle.

BJ, Turk, and I went for a walk on the beach. It was cool, even with a wind breaker over my sweatshirt.

The Coquille River lighthouse, inactive since 1939, was shrouded in fog but open for tours.

Since we were so close, we drove down to Cape Blanco to see the lighthouse there. The last time I toured most of the Oregon lighthouses I was on a Harley. That time I got to the gate and found it closed and locked. I could have seen the lighthouse then but it was so foggy it was totally obscured.

This time, the fog had moved offshore but the chill wind continued to blow. The three of us walked around the grounds, checked out the Cape Blanco State Park campground, and then headed back to Bullards Beach for our last night in Bandon.

On the way, BJ spotted a little Ocean Spray sign hidden by a tree so we had to loop back to check out the cranberry bogs.

There were lots of berries but they were just starting to show color. It will be awhile before harvest.


  1. It's hard for me to imagine needing a sweatshirt and windbreaker in July. :)

    The Coquille River Lighthouse is beautiful -- it looks elegant in the photos. I would love to explore it. Is the interior maintained or has it been left to decay? I sure do hope it is kept up!

    It seems odd to see a fiberglass trailer with tandem axles. I bet the new 5th wheel TAs are a work of art!

    Glad you, BJ and Turk had such a good time!

    1. They were offering tours through the interior of the lighthouse but we had Turk with us. The TAs hit nearly all of the right buttons but still has a wet bath. Now I'm looking for a tandem axle BigFoot 5th wheel to restore.

  2. I think that red truck and Escape looked familiar! I had been scanning your photos for a glimpse of the Texans.
    Great lighthouse photos. It all looks so wonderful!

    1. I was thinking that one had BC plates but I could be wrong. There were several rigs from Texas including an Escape 19 and a single axle 5.0.

  3. I am going to answer tinycamper's question on the off chance she comes back to read the comments. The inside of Coquille Light is in fairly good shape, but it could certainly use a bit of "love." There are volunteers on staff, both in the base, and up in the lantern room. But there is not much inside...It's pretty much gutted. There is a desk with some books and souvenirs for sale in the base. No light in the lantern room, just an observation tower only.... It is showing signs of rust, but I think its future is promising...