Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cascade Lakes Loop

One of BJ's hiking sisters suggested we check out the Cascade Lakes area southeast of Bend if we had a chance. Great advice! With a week before we're scheduled to show up at Bullards Beach SP in Bandon for the Oregon Gathering, we decided to get some more time in the mountains.

Century Drive, aka Forest Route 46, aka Cascade Lakes Highway heads out of Bend towards Mt. Bachelor. Crossing the pass between Mt. Bachelor and the South Sister, the beautiful road drops down into an area filled with fourteen lakes.

We stopped at the Elk Lake Forest Guard Station where volunteers serve 2 week stints telling about the function of the restored facility.

Although Hosmer Lake was recommended to paddle, we settled into one of the NFS campgrounds on Elk Lake with a view of the west side of Mt. Bachelor because of reports of good cell reception.

Point Campground is very small with minimal turn around areas. The sites are also very small, but we lucked into the only pull-through, near the entrance. Lots of slope on the site, but we won't have to worry about turning around until we leave. This is one of those places where small is highly beneficial.

3 bars of Verizon 4G on the Millenicom MiFi without the antenna or booster.


  1. Green trees, blue water and a mountain view. Looks like heaven! :)

    1. Nope. This one was practice. Heaven would be down the road a ways.

  2. So envious of you going to Bandon......maybe we will make it some year...soon.

    Loved the pictures....I am also seeing spruce trees but no lovely lakes. Need to mark this campground for further use,

    1. This summer's schedule was built around Bandon. As a result, I'm missing out on a quick road trip to Alaska...

      This spot has some significant drawbacks. Not sure if I'll do a post about them or not. Lava Lake and Little Lava, maybe 6 to 8 miles further on looks like a better option.