Sunday, July 20, 2014

Honey, I Shrunk the Trailer - Oregon Gathering

They reported yesterday evening that there were 105 trailers at the Oregon Gathering this year but I got lazy and only took a few pictures. We had quite a few people come by to visit our trailer during the "A" loop open trailers time in the morning. The "B" and "C" loops had open trailers in the afternoon, and I especially wanted to see Bob & Dee Crane's Lil' Bigfoot.

The big windows and white cabinets made it nice and bright inside.

Some folks did some special advertising to draw people in.

Including this Compact II from Manzanita, Oregon.

One of the larger Bigfoot owners brought a shrunken Sacquatch all the way from Canada.

Escape Trailers has a well deserved reputation for quality trailers and innovation. Now we know - here's Escape Trailer Industries owner, Reace, checking out the competition. In this case, a very shrunken Scamp 19 built from Legos by a young Oregonian.

Lots of detail - maybe some ideas will show up in future Escape products?

We had lots of fun at the Saturday evening potluck, but I didn't take the camera. Once again, check out Jon Vermilye's Lakeshoreimages page for a different view of the Gathering.


  1. I love our little micro trailers... and the rally must have been fantastic! Would love to walk inside an Escape someday. But maybe it's better I don't. I would HAVE to have one! :)

    1. The gathering was LOTS of fun. Wonderful, creative people in all sorts of fiberglass eggs. Escape is clearly a notch up in quality over the Casita or Scamp. Their newest designs (21 & 5.0TA) are 8" wider and the fifth wheel TA is 8" taller than the single axle version. Amazing what that 8" does to make the trailer seem so much bigger! I drooled a lot but didn't get anywhere close to an order form.

  2. Drooling but staying away from order forms will keep you out of a lot of trouble!

    Sure wish Escapes were more common in the East, though.

    1. Seems like more are showing up, most often folks that are up sizing from their Casita.