Thursday, July 17, 2014

12th Annual Oregon Gathering

We left Paradise after observing our last traffic jam on the river, headed to Bandon and the 12th annual Oregon Gathering. Gathering of what you might ask? It is a gathering of unique fiberglass trailers and their equally unique owners. They're expecting about 95 trailers this year.

Lane County has the largest collection of covered bridges west of the Mississippi so it's not surprising we passed one on our way downriver. We visited lots of them last year on our way to Alaska. The Goodpasture bridge near Vida serves daily traffic including logging trucks. I just like the name.

We stopped in Springfield for a bit of clean-up. BJ did the laundry while I washed most of the two months of grime off the truck & trailer, and picked up some cream cheese to mix with some smoked salmon for the appetizer potluck.

Our route took us through the town of Drain. Someday I'm going to find out how the town got its name. I'll admit, I though about titling this post "Knock, Knock" but didn't have enough about Drain to make the connection.

We knew we were in the right place when we pulled in and spotted David's Scamp in line ahead of us and another Scamp and a Bigfoot in line behind us.

Even though we arrived on Wednesday and it doesn't start until Friday, some folks have already been here for over a week. The dogs and the people all meet old friends and make new friends. The folks in the jackets are Arizonans.

I had to include this picture because I think it will prove to be very rare. A friend got her brand new Escape TA two weeks ago. What's rare about the picture is that there are no people in the picture. Every other time I've walked by, crowds of people are around congratulating her and for the most part, getting their first look at this new design.


  1. What great fun!!! I so want to be there next year!!!

    1. I thought I'd replied several days ago... It was LOTS of fun. Good people! Next year they're going to be much more low-key and no big group potlucks.

  2. John, thanks to you and BJ for including Ten Forward in your pictures. Lots of visitors came by for a look-see. AND, it was great seeing you both again.

    Donna D.

    1. It was so good to see you, Donna! Thanks for all the work that you and Chris did to make the Gathering a success. Looking forward to the day we get to have you visit the southwest. Enjoy Ten Forward! It's a beautiful rig.