Monday, January 25, 2021

Who was Dylan?

The last couple months, a new geocacher has been placing some interesting caches, primarily near the west end of Canyon Lake. I've driven the twisting road several times this past month, either with BJ or with another geocaching friend. 

The caches are generally located within 1/4 mile of the road, but take you to very interesting viewpoints. The hills are mostly volcanic tuff tipped up on edge.

Some of the caches had beautiful views of Canyon Lake. Based on some of the log entries, these caches are placed in memory of a son & brother. Mom is picking some really special places to hide these caches.

Many of them involved some exercise. The view points usually aren't located in the valleys!

BJ and I managed to get First to Find on a couple of them.

One of them was located near a small abandoned mine site. We've driven past this for 30 years and never knew it was here.

Spotted the remains of what I think was an oil bath air cleaner, but nothing of any significance. Did a bit of research after this trip but couldn't find anything about a mine in that location.

Got a test run in on the Silver Subie. Glad to have the engine rebuild finished. It's almost time to change out the break-in oil.

Loving the change to do some local wandering and seeing what's around the next corner.