Friday, August 1, 2014

Great Oregon Steam-Up: Flea Market

The flea market at the Great Oregon Steam-Up was held in two locations. The larger portion was held on a field west of the Car & Motorcycle Museum

but most of the antique glassware "smalls" as well as collectible truck and tractor toys were located in a large warehouse near the venue entrance.

It was no surprise that there were large displays of old hand tools for sale

as well as a few tractors for sale.

I was surprised to see blue water containers in various shapes

and sizes.

One of my favorite items in the flea market was this Yale motorcycle - about 1915. It appeared relatively complete. I didn't ask the price or if it was running.

My favorite was this 1934 Chevrolet school bus. It was offered complete with another front clip and frame that appeared in better condition. Seems like it could be the basis for a very unique camper.

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