Saturday, August 2, 2014

Great Oregon Steam-Up: Wrap-Up

Antique Powerland hosts 16 other independent museums on their grounds. We were so overwhelmed with things outside that we only visited the inside displays at one of the museums. The trolley was circling the grounds regularly during the Great Oregon Steam-Up.

In addition to the full sized trolley, there was a large collection of miniature trains that were pulling carloads full of people.

Tractors were everywhere, generally grouped by brand. Sometimes, a collection would represent many models of a single brand.

Allis-Chalmers was the featured brand this year. Apparently they chose a different featured brand each year.

Condition of the equipment varied greatly with a small handful of tractors finished to a quality far beyond what was stock from the factory. Check out the reflections in the paint! This one also had a sign asking people to not rub the paint.

I loved the Caterpillar lineup. Some had been repainted and restored while others showed the rust and character from years of use.

I was really impressed with this gas powered Holt Caterpillar from 1913. It was designed and built for use in Central California and was the predecessor of the modern Caterpillar company. It was still operating and took part in the daily parade.

This Bacyrus-Erie steam powered railroad crane from Southern Pacific was operating. Lots of steam and noise!

A potato cannon on steroids. This rig is owned by a pumpkin farmer and looks like it would do a very impressive job of chucking pumpkins. Seems like something Ellen might need.

Here's a few of the brands that were seen at the show.

Some of the brands were integral castings
while others were separate plates, castings, decals, or hand painted logos.

I got a picture of the Porsche tractor, but the camera battery was dead before I spotted the Lamborghini tractor.

Lots and lots of fun crammed into a few hours. Next time I'll plan on a whole weekend.

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