Saturday, August 23, 2014

Range Hood Exhaust Vent

One of the holes that I cut in the Scamp was for a range hood exhaust vent. At this point, Casita owners might be perplexed since a range hood is standard equipment on all models of the Casita. It's a rarely selected option on Scamps, and like most, our Scamp didn't have a range hood.

I elected to use the JR Products vent because it is more robust, has a better latching system, and conceals the mounting screws for a cleaner installation than the more common (and cheaper) Ventline unit. Like the Ventline, it is available in two collar lengths. I used the 5/8" deep collar because of the thin wall on molded fiberglass trailers.

The weather shield is separate from the vent itself. After checking for fit (this hole was a great fit the first time), I removed the blue tape that I'd used to outline the hole, applied a bead of Dicor non-sagging caulk to the back of the vent flange and installed it using the screws that were too short to install the new taillights.

This is what it looks like right now on the inside. The LED light will be repositioned when I build the range hood, but I can't do that until the slow boat from China shows up with the fans. At that point, the short screws currently holding the vent in place will be replaced with longer ones that will hold the fabricated hood in place as well.

This is what it looks like on the outside with the weather cover in place. JR Products says it is non-yellowing. They must not have made the "porch" light  fixture! I'll get that fixed one of these days with a roll of masking tape and some spray paint.


  1. Good looking job. Funny thing is that one of the first mods I did on our Casita was to remove the vent hood. I covered the inside hole with a piece of white plexiglass and built a spice rack over it. Left the exterior vent in place after stuffing the void full of insulation. We use the fantastic fan for venting if needed.

    1. I've followed the range hood discussions on the Casita Forum for at least a couple years. I'm certainly not a fan (pun intended) of the Ventline hood - it's a head banger, but, after cleaning our Fantastic Fan, BJ asked for a vent over the stove. I'm planning to leverage Rob Pritchett's concept for a small computer fan powered vent. No head banger allowed!