Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just for Gene, Sort Of – 5/23/2013

A few days ago, Gene in Ohio asked for pictures of the road. Since we had a lot of variety on the section between Watson Lake and Teslin, I thought I’d share a few – but there’s more info for travelers at the end of the post. We were pleased to have shirt sleeve weather and blue sky for the day. Most of the road looked like this – no center markings in portions, and posted at 100 km/hr although we never ran quite that fast.

There were a couple short sections of construction, the first resulting in very smooth gravel.

The second, longer section on approach into Teslin started as smooth hard pack, posted at 70 and comfortable approaching that speed,

but the speed limit dropped and so did our speed when they started watering and grading.

It did give us a real life test of the full width mudflap that I installed before trip. Clearly, it doesn’t do a lot of good when the water goes over the mud flap! At least we’re starting to look like we’ve been somewhere interesting.

We stopped for fuel at the Yukon Hotel & Restaurant, just across the Teslin bridge. Gas here was $1.39 per liter with a 4 cent discount available if you asked before you pump. Sure beats $1.90 a couple days ago. They also have a full service RV park on the lake for $30 and I suspect the Good Sam discount comes off of that. They also had a wonderful wildlife museum (free) inside their gift shop that was a must see.

There was a nice collection of rust about 100 meters up the Canol road from the intersection. This road was another that was built in 1942 and there are bits and pieces of trucks left behind. It runs 226 km to Ross River and there are no services along the way.

Home for the night is the Walmart parking lot in Whitehorse, YT where they appear to have a very liberal policy. There are a lot of trailers parked every which direction with slides out and no tug in sight. 

Posting is compliments of the Golden Arches' WiFi in Walmart.


  1. Beautiful picture of the snow covered mountains and river bridge.

    May limit our grocery packing and shop when we stop for the night at Walmart!

    1. Most of the Walmarts have a good grocery selection although the one in Fort St. John was not as robust in that area. I actually didn't walk the aisles in Whitehorse, but they have at least two other grocery stores in town as well.