Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alaska! - 5/25/2013

It was a one bear day today, apparently one that had been asked to take a sobriety test. Yes, that very faint yellow is the center line!

I kept looking for an opportunity to document the use of orange flags to mark road hazards, but there were lots more hazards than flags, especially in the Beaver Creek Highway maintenance area. We couldn't decide if someone forgot to order flags, they couldn't afford them, or that tourists were taking them for souvenirs. This is by far the roughest paved road I've driven. Keep the speed down and use whichever section looks the smoothest.

In spite of the rough road, it was very beautiful country that we were putting in the rear view mirrors.

You actually get to the border, change from kilometers to miles, and change time zones before you get to the customs checkpoint. If anything, customs was even easier than it was when we entered Canada. He did ask about rabies vaccination for the dog but didn't want to see the paperwork.

This is where the road from Dawson and Chicken meets up with the Alaska highway, east of Tok. The road and customs at Top of the World are still closed so it looks like we made the right, (but painful) decision.

Home for the night is the back lot at Young's Chevron in Tok. Free parking and dump with a fill-up (but the dump station is still frozen...). We're back in the land of Verizon, posting this directly from our Millenicom hotspot.


  1. Congratulations! Back in the USA!

    Continuing to enjoy all of your posts. Just bought the All Stays app that you previously mentioned. Following your trip makes me feel like I am already there. Thks.
    Love the rear view of the mtns.

  2. I hope your trip is as wonderful as ours has been!