Tuesday, May 14, 2013


After 26 days on the road, we finally had measurable rain, even if it did only last about 15 minutes. The dust on the trailer and truck is now spotted, but it didn't rain enough to create rivulets of mud like I expected. We continue to be amazed at the wonderful weather we've enjoyed. The warm weather is melting the snow in the mountains and the rivers (and rafting companies) are running near full.

We've over-nighted at three different locations in or near Wenatchee this trip. Costco in East Wenatchee hosted us our first night. They close early on weekends and we had the dark lot to ourselves except for the refrigerated rig which kept starting and running for 10 minute periods through the night.

The second night was in the back lot of Mom's retirement community and we're now settled in to a beautiful, full hook-up site at the Wenatchee River County Park in Monitor for our last two nights in town. They have laundry, LP, and wi-fi on site although we're continuing to use our Millenicom hotspot which has strong 4G reception.

Still hoping to visit the new Public Market before we head north tomorrow morning.

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