Monday, May 27, 2013

Driveway Surfing - 5/27/2013

Once again, the mountains were out with blue sky to frame them - in this case with the Matanuska Glacier in the foreground.

There was one stretch of narrower, windy road that warned about not holding up traffic, but at 9 a.m. we saw very little traffic either direction.

There are several advantages to driveway surfing, not the least of which was the pressure washer to get the trailer looking a little cleaner than it has been.

With shirtsleeve weather, we sat out in the driveway with neighbors and watched the sheep on the hill behind the house. Two adults and two little ones. While it was easy to watch them move around with the spotting scope, it was tougher trying to get a picture.

Barbecued salmon for dinner. It's tough duty but someone has to do it!

Tomorrow will see some serious calendar penciling to work in the places we want to see with appropriate family time as well.

We spotted fuel prices as low as $3.92 a gallon as we came into town this morning.


  1. Wow!! Gas prices not what I expected. Also heard that the end of May is bad for "bugs" in Alaska. Havent heard you mention this, so assuming it's not a problem.. Look forward to your daily blog..thanks for taking the time to blog.

  2. We haven't experienced any bugs so far although with the warm weather I would expect them to be making their presence known shortly.

  3. Your salmon looks really good! Do you mind telling how your prepared it?

    1. It's the neighbor's receive and I wasn't paying close attention. It involved butter, mayonnaise, and lemon on top then BBQ in a Weber charcoal barbeque.