Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We've Been Blessed

When we started our Alaska trip, I certainly didn't expect to spend as much time as we have in our son and his family's driveway, but we've been blessed to spend time with them while still dealing with Turk issues. In fact, our departure has been pushed back at least one more week. It's nice that they have a nearly level driveway and they haven't kicked us out yet!

We've been blessed to meet a number of their neighbors and friends including the annual cul-de-sac potluck party.

We've been blessed to be in the area when some long time friends came to visit Alaska and we had the opportunity to see a friend I hadn't seen since high school a couple times now.

We've been blessed to have a washer and dryer just steps away and a son and grandson who insisted on changing the oil in the truck.

We've been blessed to watch our grandson develop new skills

resulting in a pretty tight pattern, even if a little bit south of the target.

We're both looking forward to the dog's incision healing (he's on yet another different course of antibiotics) so we can get back on the road. It's not all what I anticipated, but we've been blessed.


  1. Love how you have found all the silver linings in the clouds over your trip!

    Hope Turk heals soon.

  2. John, I am so moved by your gratitude at all the unanticipated blessings that have come your way.

    I have found that ingratitude magnifies my problems and blinds me to my blessings. And conversely, gratitude opens my eyes to my blessings and shrinks my problems.

    I'm so glad you have had this extra time with family and friends.

    And I do hope that sweet little Turk makes a full recovery soon.

  3. Blessed nice when family can be around to settle things up. Nice bow shot!

  4. It's always good when we stop to count our blessings. Great that you have the family there. Hope Turk is on the mend for good this time....

    1. Thanks to each of you for your kind comments. We've really enjoyed getting to know some of the neighbors as well as spend time with the family. Unfortunately, the tires on our trailer are feeling ignored and want more exercise!