Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alaska's Emerald Island

One of the advantages of having a child who is an airline pilot is the opportunity to fill an otherwise empty seat on a flight. Accordingly, it worked out for me to make a day trip yesterday to visit Kodiak. Their marketers have rightfully dubbed it "Alaska's Emerald Island." Let's just get it out of the way - it was beautiful!

As expected, the harbor was full of working boats

and lots of related color around the area.

The Coast Guard has a large presence utilizing a former Navy base with history going back prior to WWII.

I had not anticipated the amount of timber export. There was a wharf stacked full as well as this other area down the road. During my drive around, I met at least three logging trucks coming out of the woods.

The drive out to the end of the road to the south cut through several farms where the animals were allowed to choose which side of the fence they preferred. (This one's for you, Ellen.)

The number of very nice, apparently seasonal homes near the beach about 40 miles south of town was unexpected

as was the potential for beach camping. Turns out the Coast Guard Station has several 16' bare bones Scamps available for rent to service members.

There was even classic rust to be found!

More Kodiak tomorrow ...


  1. Loved seeing parts of the island. I've heard so much about it.

    And how cool that the base rents Scamps! :)

    1. After the quick visit I really liked the idea of taking the trailer out there for a week or so until I checked the ferry rates. Looks like it's about $600 each way for the two of us plus the truck & trailer. It's about 10 hours from Homer to Kodiak.

  2. I have to say... I LOVE the steer..bull..cow..whatever, looks happy and healthy and yes, I am back to driving by the cows. I've got a plan!
    How is Turk the City Dog?
    Our pup is so, so cute. The kids are delighted and Pat is over the moon!
    Traveling mercies, my friend.

    1. I didn't ask her if she was a cow or a heifer - some conversations are likely to get one in trouble, especially when she has horns!

      Turk the City Dog seems to be doing quite well. He is scheduled to get his stitches out and his final blessing from the Vet on Tuesday and then we'll start south by the end of the week.

  3. Excellent! See you in August!