Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flora & Fauna of the Richardson

A few more pictures from the Richardson Highway.

The roadside was covered with purple in various places.

The wild iris were growing on the lake shore at Harding Lake.

Found hiding in the center of a pond covered with lily pads.

Near Summit Lake at the headwaters of the Gulkana River - one of the tributaries of the Copper River.

Just south of the Visitor Center in Delta Junction. Maybe dead skulls don't fit today's category but it was a great hamburger!

Found at the Visitor Center in Delta Junction - proof that mosquitoes are large in Alaska.

For my U.S. friends, I hope you're having a wonderful time celebrating our heritage. For my British friends, better luck next time ;-)


  1. Love your wildflower pictures! Is the first one fireweed?

    We are at Ship Creek RV park in Anchorage trying to get the husband better. The rain and cold has not worked well with the shoulder problem.
    Hope to head north soon. Do you know if the fire is affecting Fairbanks?

    1. I'm pretty sure the first was fireweed - we're seeing a lot of it here. We're in Fairbanks through Sunday at Chena River SP, headed to Denali on Monday if all goes well. While the skies were free of smoke north (and waaaay north) of town, there is a fair amount here in Fairbanks proper.

      Hope hubby gets to feeling better!