Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green River Dreaming

I'm back at work after a wonderful but way too short trip to the Northwest. With the re-org at work, there's not much to do and too much time in which to do it. It's too soon to start counting since retirement from this job is still 22 weeks away.

Sunset at Fort Bottom - 2007
The Green River trip is still nearly two months away. It's the ninth time I've done a flat-water section of the Green, and the eighth time for BJ in the past 12 years. Group size has varied depending on other demands - everything from two of us the first year to as many as ten in other years. This year will be tied for the biggest group, but includes most of our favorite river people. Eight have done the trip before. Of the others, one did a different multi-day trip with us, and the other has lots of multi-day backpacking experience and has been invited so many times that she finally decided to join us.

BJ - Going with the Flow
It's going to be lots of fun! Six days on the river, drifting through the canyons of the Stillwater section  of the Green, finishing with a jet-boat shuttle back up the Colorado river to Moab. It's still too early to tell, but based on current river flows, it looks like it's going to be a (very?) low water trip.  That will make for lots more campsite possibilities.

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