Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7.16.2012–Central Oregon

Today was a 325 mile day but we completed it much closer to Google’s time estimate since Oregon has a lower speed limit than the neighboring states. We bypassed breakfast in favor of breaking camp and managed to hit the road just as the rain started in Wenatchee. It rained fairly hard over Blewett pass, but we broke out into sunshine just south of the Kittitas County line, and enjoyed sunny skies the rest of the day.

We stopped for fuel and breakfast in Toppenish so that we could use McDonald’s free WiFi to post yesterday’s blog and then continued south.

It was interesting to note as we approached the Columbia River that wind power seems to have become the new crop to compliment the wheat that was looking like it was ready to harvest.

I’m loving the two lane roads that wander through the middle of each small town, with properties along the way whispering, “you should be here.” I must be getting more mellow – I actually enjoy slowing down and rolling through each burg. The towns today seemed much more healthy than some we transited earlier in the trip.

Tux is getting his hooves trimmed
We’re privileged to be parked in the yard of one of BJ’s bestest (spell check doesn’t like that but so what!) hiking buddies. Not only a chance to visit, but it also allowed BJ to drop off all her hiking gear for the hike they have planned together at Glacier National Park in September. Diana and Audrey have a beautiful property where they raise championship mules and board horses.

Besides that, they have a superb view of all three Sisters!  Super big thanks to Diana & Audrey for the hospitality!

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