Sunday, July 22, 2012

7.22.2012 Home Again

We stayed at the Lake Mead RV Resort in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area last night.  Without a park pass, access to the recreation area is $10 in addition to the site fees.  The park is primarily permanently located manufactured homes and spaces intended for seasonal occupancy by winter visitors.  They do maintain one area for short term visitors and it's one of the only places on the southeast side of Las Vegas with full hookups.  Electricity is essential for this area in the summer with the temp yesterday indicating 111 in the shade when we arrived.  In addition to the full hookups, they have free wireless (throttled but a good signal), restrooms and showers.  The showers are free, but drain to the center of the restroom - an architect apparently needs a season of cleaning restrooms before they design another facility!  They are a Good Sam facility which very nearly offsets the taxes.

As we traveled around the north and east side of Phoenix, we could see the storm building to the east, getting darker the closer we got to home.

Official greeting by the dog who was left home was the first order of business.  Big thanks to our daughter for taking care of him and keeping an eye on the house!

It didn't take long to get the trailer back in it's place, beating the potential rain in the process.  We'll pull it out next weekend, scrub the bugs off, and wash it.

We drove 4,763 miles (3,638 towing), averaging 14.95 mpg towing, and stayed in 15 locations during the 25 day trip.  We crossed 20 passes with the trailer, 12 of which were over 6,000 feet.  The Indian Canyon Scenic Byway in Utah topped out at 9,100 feet - lots of work but a beautiful route!  All in all, a wonderful trip.


  1. I enjoyed the trip report. Looking forward to future ones. Obviously you enjoyed the trip. I bet it's good to be home. Be well! :D

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. The trip was lots of fun. The list of places that deserve repeat visits also grew!