Saturday, July 14, 2012

7.14.2012 Wedding Day

Actually, it is Stephanee and Corey's wedding day. I'll update this later, but I've been totally enjoying the Mother of the Groom's blog the last several days, capped off by today's post noting that the dog ate the wedding cake!

I highly recommend Ellen's blog, New Life Old Farm, starting with the July 8th post titled "Timber." I think you can see why I'm looking forward to meeting Corey's family!

The wedding was wonderful!  It was located outdoors on the campus of Whitworth University where the bride and groom met as students.

The wedding preparation was full of humorous notes, including pictures of the wedding party, all with mustaches.  Of course, most of the attendees never saw this part of the festivities!

The ceremony was elegantly simple.  In many ways casual, but with lots of hats in attendance. The weather was great and even allowed for lawn games as part of the reception.

Congradulations and best wishes to the bride and groom.


  1. John, what a great day!
    So wonderful to meet you and join the families together! We look forward to your coming to Glory Farm!!!

  2. We really enjoyed everything about the day. It was so nice to meet Corey's family!