Thursday, July 5, 2012

7.03.2012 Last Day in GTNP

After enjoying a nice breakfast, we decided to go out for a walk.  (A walk is differentiated from a hike by the shoes we decided to wear.)  We wandered by the Jackson Lake Marina first where crowds were lined up to rent canoes, kayaks, and 10 hp motor boats. I noticed the crowds on the dock first, but the lines were even worse inside where people were lined up to fill out the paperwork. While I was noticing the people, BJ was noticing the sign!

We walked out to Heron Pond where we didn’t see any heron, but we did meet up with group of people on horseback on the way.  We stepped off to the side of the trail to wait for one of the wranglers to finish their speech and then move past us.  As one of the wranglers was getting back on her horse, it had other ideas, and took off for the barn, dumping her in the process.

After a few minutes of milling around where it was evident the other wranglers had things under control, we skirted the group and continued on to our destination.  When we returned we understood why the horse group stopped where it did – a nice view of Mt. Moran through the trees.

Near the end of the walk, we caught up to the wrangler and a couple park personnel who were helping her walk out with her ankle wrapped in ice.

Part of the afternoon was spend at the shower / laundromat where they had a reasonable wi-fi connection, raising (unreasonable) hopes for a similar service in Yellowstone.

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