Saturday, July 21, 2012

7.21.2012 Lonely Road

We made a change yesterday afternoon as we started observing the geography. For the past several days we’ve been bouncing around the 6,000’ – 8,000’ elevation. Our planned stop for last night was at Four Jeffries, a Forest Service campground at 8100’ located about 10 miles west of Bishop. The only catch is that Bishop is located at about 4000’ and we really didn’t want to climb up to a cool camp just so we could come back this morning.

The end result is that we forfeited our reservation and found an available spot with power (30 amp,) water, and shade at the Millpond Recreation Area, operated as a County Park, just north of Bishop. Clean restrooms and showers. Showers required a $1 token for 7 minutes of hot water.

This morning, we took California 168 to cut across from Big Pine, CA to Goldfield, Nevada, just north of Death Valley. I know that Nevada is proud of Highway 50's designation as America's Loneliest Road, but California 168 could give it some competition. Three mountain passes, about 80 miles, and we only saw about three or four cars on the road (in either direction!) until we got past the halfway point. Even Highway 95 in Nevada was pretty quiet until we got within 50 miles of Las Vegas.

We're settled in for the evening with a view of Lake Mead, and trying to avoid thoughts of going back to work!

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