Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Moose Are Loose in the Palouse

We left Pendleton several days ago headed to Spokane via Highways 11, 12, 127, and 195. The roads ran out through rolling hills, often covered in wheat or barley.

Didn't see any farm equipment in action. This was the only combine we spotted that wasn't on a farm equipment dealer's lot. I'm pretty sure they're not planning to use this one this year!

I loved all the small towns with the highway serving as the main street. Most of the towns seemed to have lots of life left in them with very few empty store fronts.

Lots of grain elevators along the way. This one wasn't so dusty as it was in need of paint.

I couldn't resist noting that there's always an outlier. White house, white fence, and three white vehicles. I guess the silver one is owned by the black sheep in the family??

And, of course, no day is complete without a barn picture. It's not too late for this one. I'd sure like to know what caused this unusual damage.

We were really surprised to see two moose running up the hillside north of Colfax. The picture is lousy and I only got one of them, but... I was really surprised to see a third moose east of Coeur d'Alene the next day but couldn't get a picture of it, either. That's more moose than we saw in Alaska last summer.

Home for the past three days was the Alderwood RV Resort in Mead, just north of Spokane. We stayed here a couple years ago as well. It gets scored low for site width for beasts with large slides, but works very well for us. The weather has been cool enough that we really didn't need the hook-ups for the air conditioner.


  1. The countryside photos look like post cards.

    Wonder if someone flew an airplane into the barn like in that movie that I can't remember the name of right now! :D

    Even though the moose photo was fuzzy, I loved it because you could tell the moose was really moving, and moving moose (mooses, meese?) look funny!

    The little Scamp looks happy. If there are no "what-ifs" you still have a wonderful little rig. :)

    1. Seemed to me that a plane would do more damage but looks like something hit it centered and high.

      I haven't asked the Scamp but I think it will be happy as soon as we wash it!