Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Couple Oops

I've been anxious to get on the road and we finally did. With triple digits in the Phoenix area, it was time to wander in a northerly direction. Canoe loaded for me, short kayak loaded for BJ, and the trailer all ready to go.

Of course, I checked the weather for our first destination last night. Seems that the Canyon was going to be a bit chilly overnight, as in 22 degrees. With that in mind we stopped off and bought some pink stuff. No sense dealing with cracked dump valves.

Suzy, our sometimes faithful Garmin GPS, has been programmed to avoid freeways when practical. When she said to turn right several miles sooner than expected, we did. I'm always up for a section of Route 66.

I really liked it at first - had the road to ourselves. Suzy was showing 18 miles to the next intersection when the road turned to gravel. The state map didn't show this road at all. I reached for my stack of Benchmark maps only to discover I had every anticipated state except for Arizona. Who needs Benchmark when you "know" where you're going? We turned around instead of trusting Suzy.

Home for a couple days is the Juniper loop at Mather Campground on the south rim. This was one of those times that making reservations was worthwhile - the campground is full.

And now Weatherbug says the overnight low will be 35 degrees. So much for needing pink stuff. :-)

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