Monday, May 19, 2014

Finding the Right Elevation

Our boondock spot last night was nestled in the juniper forest at almost 6,200 ft about 50 yards back off of the road. It provided great temperatures and some protection from the breeze and was out of sight of the road. It was NOT a level spot - I could have gotten it level if I was willing to unhook the trailer but it was only for one night.

One of the advantages of our spot was that no one else was anywhere around so we didn't have to share our stash of Trader Joe's stuff. Someone I know even chose to double up.

The drive to Great Basin National Park was made simple. Wheeler Peak was visible when we pulled out onto Highway 93 and served as a beacon for the whole drive. They say there's a glacier on the mountain but you couldn't prove it by me. Lots of dust in the air making it impossible to get a sharp picture.

Great Basin is one of the least visited National Parks and all of the campgrounds are first come - first serve. We're at Lower Lehman which is one of the few with sites large enough for our rig. Apparently people with big rigs just don't visit National Parks. Most of the sites are too small for our Scamp 19 combination. We're about 1000 feet higher than last night with aspen, juniper, and pine around us.

Lehman Creek isn't very big, but it makes real nice noise next to our site. The water hasn't been turned on yet in the campground so the sites are half price, halved again by my geezer pass. Well worth $3 per night.

Three bars of extended network 3G with the antenna & amplifier.

BJ's cousin and his wife are doing an Alaska trip this year. I've added Joie de Vivre to the blog list to make it easy to follow them.


  1. The three dollars got my attention! And remembering Trader Joe's! Looks like you are getting a great start on your summer adventure!

    1. It goes up to $6 when they turn the water on which I suspect they'll do soon. We're having a wonderful time!