Sunday, May 25, 2014

Home for the Holidays

With the Page Springs BLM campground full by noon on Friday, we continued north from Frenchglen on Oregon 202, looking for a likely boondocking spot. Everything on the east side of the road was Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and posted No Camping at each road. We spotted a potential spot with a sheltering bluff on the north side about 12.5 miles north of Frenchglen but it was visible from the highway.

A flyover with Google Maps led us to check out Jack Mountain Road about 24 miles north of Frenchglen. We ended up with a spot with a bluff (and power lines) to our west, and out of sight of the highway. According to the US Public Lands app that Chris and Cherie of Technomadia developed, it's on the BLM side of the line, but just barely.

While we're not protected from the north wind and resulting dust that sprung up in the afternoon, we do have a view of the Wildlife Refuge in the distance.

The wind settled down before sunset with the remaining haze making for a colorful sunset.

It rained for a little while Friday evening which cleared the air and perked up a few of the flowers.

The phones are showing 0 bars of Verizon 3G, but we're getting 3 bars of 4G data using the antenna and amplifier. We'll call this home until Monday morning when we'll continue our trek to the north.

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