Friday, May 30, 2014

More Research (or Nightmares)

While we were in Alaska last year, I heard several people singing the praises of a Ram dealer in Kellogg, Idaho. Since it was relatively close, I went over there yesterday to do some reseach.

Turns out, they're the world's largest Ram dealer

and have several GM brands including Chevy & GMC trucks right across the street. I discovered as I was leaving town that they have lots all over town full of new trucks. The consultant I talked to said they only sell about 300 GM trucks a month, and many more RAM trucks.

Unfortunately, I have some clearance issues. The bottom of the Scamp is about 56 inches. That's with a 1.5" lift already in place. I could add another 2.5 inches of lift under the frame, but then the trailer won't fit in the garage.

The GMC 1/2 ton trucks on the lot were just over 54" high. The Ram 1/2 trucks were an inch higher, and 3/4 trucks were yet another inch higher. That's a long ways from the 46 1/2" bed rail height on the Tacoma.  Maybe a flat bed is the answer, or just keep the Tacoma...


  1. How about:

    1. Interesting... And as you read down through that thread it looks like there's a chance to see small diesels in Toyota and Nissan as well.