Thursday, July 30, 2015

Squeak's Independence

It's been eight years since Squeak was adopted from a pet store shelf. Since that time, she's often traveled with me as a proxy for friends that would like to come along but situations prevented it. Her first picture was taken in Monument Valley. The dark clouds should have been a warning.

She's been on every overnight canoe or kayak trip since she joined the family. She's been to Alaska and all over the western US.

She seems to have an affinity for canyons and rivers, like this spot overlooking Soda Springs Canyon on the lower Green River.

Oft times, she stays in the tent,

or else she wants to ride in the bow of the boat like this trip through the Grand Canyon.

She doesn't seem to mind getting wet since it means she'll get a tight squeeze.

For a while she's been living in a nest in the trailer, but the nest got taken down when she wasn't looking.

After all those years together, it seemed like she deserved a chance to see places that I'll never go. I got her an ID, and found her a warm and dry place to stay -- at least until the next person comes along that's willing to take her for a ride. I must admit, the first place I selected didn't work out - I'd misread the logs. Seems it had been just over a year since the last visit. Not a good spot to hitch a ride.

She should be safe - her temporary home is warm, dry, and safe from field mice. It also has a pretty good view of Mesa Verde National Park.

If you want to see if she's moved yet, just check her logs.

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  1. How fun! There was a geocache behind the building where i used to work, it was fun for US to watch people going around and around the building looking to find it...They had to pour water in a pipe and the little capsule rose up to the top for them to lift out and sign it...very cool. BEST OF LUCK TO SQUEAK!