Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Muffler Man

On the north side of County Road P, west of County Road 26 (they use really imaginative names!) is the most intriguing collection of old mufflers and tailpipes that I'd ever seen. The collection is way too large to get into one photo.

They're arranged around a pond, and apparently at one time, the vegetation was kept under control by goats, if the sign on the gate meant anything. Clearly, the artist had a sense of humor, but seemed to be serious about fishing without a license.

The artist seemed to have an unending source of mufflers that he would combine with tailpipes and other "stuff". A lot of work had gone into creating and staging the display that is open to the public during daylight hours.

Lots of cowboy / western theme with some subtle and not so subtle commentary at times.

Some of the art is best seen from a distance, while other has lots of detail. The weather when I visited seemed appropriate for picnics and playing in the tree house. On the other hand, the tobogganers were likely going to have to wait awhile for their chance.

What can you say?

Oxen pulling out a stuck tractor. Based on the style of tractor, I'd say they've been there awhile.

A creative riding lawnmower!

This one reminded me of our years in Papua, except for the cowboy hat!

There were a couple examples of political commentary as well. As usual, you can click on any picture for a larger version.

And the other piece of political commentary. The sculptures were really hard to photograph with the white paint and the bright sun.

Over in one corner was a nice stone chapel. Hours and hours of work went into creating this place!

And here's the answers...

Sure was fun to visit but I was left wondering about the ongoing maintenance. It looks like the artist may not be able to maintain it like it was originally intended.


  1. Kindred spirit! If (when?) I plant roots again someday I can TOTALLY see myself welding scrap metal into artworks (arguably so called).

    1. I wondered what junkyard he befriended to source so many mufflers and tailpipes. The art part I get, but finding the raw materials seems harder these days.