Thursday, August 13, 2015

Animas Forks

The marmots were out in force at Animas Forks. There were a lot in the rocks by the river, and more living in most every pile of old lumber.

BJ and I visited here about six years ago. Since that time, BLM teamed up with some local organizations to "stabilize" many of the houses in Animas Forks. Part of that work included new shingle roofs that stuck out like a sore thumb. One of the volunteers was really proud of them - I thought they looked totally out of place.

This time, there weren't any Private Property or No Trespassing signs on the Columbus Mill so I spent a few minutes nosing around. I'm always intrigued by wood sheaves. I wonder if they were built on site or shipped in. The individual buildings at the top of the mill were solidly built, dovetailed log structures. Down a level was a spool of cable, never used, but now rusted and another building that won't survive many more winters. As usual, you can click on any photo for a larger version.

The Duncan house is perhaps the most photographed building in Animas Springs. It, too, has been recently stabilized including a new roof and reworked siding.

It may have been stabilized, but it's still not plumb! I wonder if it ever was?

As the rain started falling, I took one last picture and headed back down valley. Animas Forks only got 15 minutes of my time this visit.

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