Saturday, July 18, 2015

Radiator Springs

According to the town website, "Holbrook is a community rich in History, Family Values, Diverse Landscapes, Recreation, and Friendly Neighbors. Everything you are looking for in a home town." Rich in history includes timber, railroads, Hashknife cowboys, and the Bucket of Blood Saloon.
The town has a number of buildings that date back to its late 19th century history including the feed store, the very tired looking Brunswick Hotel, and other buildings near Bucket of Blood Street.

After the range wars quieted down, Route 66 came to town for a while. The Wigwam Motel is still in business at the west end of town but seems to draw more tourists and "Cars" aficionados than customers.

The local KOA was home for the night. Although positioned between the freeway and the business route, it was relatively quiet and amazingly busy by the time sunset rolled around. Both the swimming pool and the power for the air conditioner were especially appreciated.

We stopped because of the "Cars" connection, and had fun catching some of the local history while pursuing geocaches placed by the Hidden Holbrook History Gang. We might have stayed longer but there was a flight schedule to be met, and clearly, they didn't want us loitering.

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