Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Change is Coming

With Hockey Camp out of the way, our geocaching instructor was available for ten days or so. 10 A.M. found us in the cell phone lot at Sky Harbor, waiting for his flight to land. He had an early start (before 2 A.M.) in Anchorage with a plane change in Seattle.

The plane departed Seattle on schedule but arrived a few minutes late into Sky Harbor thanks to the headwinds they experienced. Spencer arrived in his normal Alaska outfit with his bodyguard leading the way.

I know it's a dry heat - it's still too much heat, especially for 10:30 in the morning! We actually were able to convince him that he didn't need to wear his sweatshirt!

Since the Valley is not habitable in the summer by sane humans who have other options, we'll be hooking up the trailer and heading to Durango and Mesa Verde in search of cool caches and cooler weather. In the process we should be able to pick up some special souvenirs for him.

We're hoping to learn more geocaching tricks and techniques from him. If I'm lucky, we might even con him into doing a guest post, maybe about Silverton or the train.

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