Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Ride Around the 'Hood

With over 25 years of general aviation maintenance on my résumé, I had to spend some time checking out the wide variety of aircraft still operating in Alaska. These two were at the airport in Fairbanks.

The fun location for a general aviation fan is Lake Hood. Nestled right up against the international airport in Anchorage, it features two water runways and a gravel runway, all tower controlled. While the son ran, I rode a bike around the lake, trying to stay upright and out of trouble while watching all the goings on.

Some of the float plane slips were fixed up with unique "line shacks"

and at least one had a fence around the leasehold.

In addition to the float planes in slips, there were a few amphibs parked on the hard,

and lots of wheel planes sporting their summer gear with tundra tires. A few were still wearing skis, but that was the exception - likely just waiting for a chance to get them swapped off.

Lunch on the way home was at the Lucky Wishbone, a local favorite since 1955. Their reputation revolves around pan fried chicken, and their reputation is well deserved. They're right on Hiway 1 as it cuts through the city.

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