Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Homer

Turk and I wandered the "main street" of the Spit this morning. Lot's of little shops, restaurants, and charter offices,

some with interesting names like Salty Dog Saloon or Homer Sapiens.

Hidden on the marina side of the main street was this wood motor home. They built the wood "house" on an RV that had suffered a fire. Not sure if it's considered road worthy or not.

After the main street walk, I moved the trailer around to the "working" side of the marina where we could watch other people work. I loved the fact that there was nothing to keep you from walking the docks.

The Defiant was built in Astoria, Oregon in 1980 and went through a major refit a couple years ago with the same builder. It's a combination boat used for crab, shrimp, and bottom fish.  It is now 71'6" long x 28' wide.

Much to my surprise, the Ramblin Rose of Deadliest Catch "fame" was here. While the fantail says Juneau, it is home ported in Homer. It was cleaner and in better condition than I expected. The Kustatan (another crab boat) was parked on the other side of the dock.

There were lots of crew working on the various boats, but not all were so well kept. Abby M. is a 96' tugboat built in 1952. The paint was falling off the wheelhouse in sheets while the stern featured layers upon layers of rust. It appeared that this boat might be a project instead of a working boat at this point.

Perhaps the most tired looking working boat was the all wood "Barren Islands" showing a Wrangell home port on the fantail but the records indicate Homer.  It is 81' and was built in 1944. It would be fair to say that it could benefit from some additional attention.

All in all, another beautiful blue sky day in Homer.  I can't stay in this exact location for the night so I'll be looking around - maybe back to the Fishhook for another night.

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