Monday, June 24, 2013

Anchorage Museum

I hear several mentions of the Anchorage Museum, so we headed off this morning for a visit. Parking is a bit of a challenge and we almost threw in the towel before parking in a garage a couple blocks away. I'm sure glad the trailer was parked in our son's driveway!

In addition to the normal, permanent exhibits, the museum was highlighting Artic Flight in celebration of 100 years of aviation in Alaska. The second floor was permanent exhibits about each of the native cultures. It was excellent but I was not able to capture any usable photos due to the low light.

The Artic Flight exhibit and an associated summer exhibit about Wrangell Mountain Skyboys did a good job of developing an understanding of the dependency on aviation for much of the growth in the state. Lots of artifacts of a non-technical nature

including a variety of advertising signs

Museum entrance for adults is $15, and worth it for the permanent exhibits. The short term exhibits are icing on the cake.


  1. Helpful info on the parking. Currently dining at Wasilla Walmart.....decided to just drive on through Anchorage and explore it later.
    Hope the mosquitoes are manageable at Nancy Lakes!

    1. Enjoy the Kenai! Nice thing about Anchorage is you're out the other side pretty quickly.