Friday, June 7, 2013

Go West, Young Man

"They" say that the end of the road at Anchor Point is as far west as you can go in the US on the contiguous road system so I had to check it out. I didn't stay at the RV Park. On the same road were several State campgrounds for $10 nightly, but I didn't stay there either.

Home last night was a double-ended turnout just south of the Anchor River bridge. Had the place all to myself although I thought I might see some moose like I had earlier in the day. This one (and another) was bunching on stuff in someone's back yard on the East End road in Homer.

If the road doesn't get you far enough west, you can hire a former log skidder to take you further west, assuming you're properly equipped.

Is that far enough?

There - the boat is floating and the tractor is on the way back with the trailer.

Time to go halibut fishing in the Cook Inlet.

We settled in early today with a spot in the Deep Creek State Recreation Area campground. $10 for a beach view, watching boats coming back from a morning of fishing. They have a tractor launch service here as well.

3 bars of Verizon 3G and a view!


  1. 10 bucks a night sounds great! Entering BC tomorrow 6/9.

    1. $10 gets the beach view and cool weather - mid 50's during the day. Found another place that's even cheaper (free for 14 days) and a bit warmer - see the next post. Enjoy your BC travels - you'll find WiFi pretty commonly available.