Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seafood Extravaganza

Those of you that have been following the blog have figured out that we don't mention food very often, but this week we've had a couple chances to "test" for the best halibut & chips. The Seward Brewery was within walking distance of our site on the beach in Seward and several people suggested it. We don't have any pictures, but the serving was four small pieces with tough (who makes them tough?) french fries. It did come with live entertainment, nice presentation, and a $24 tab.

Meanwhile, in Whittier, after asking a man on the street for a recommendation, we ended up at the Swiftwater Seafood Cafe. Not as much ambiance and no live music but a view of the marina from the covered deck.

Fish & Chips (cod) was $14 with four big pieces of fish.

Halibut & Chips was $18 but the better deal was Half & Half for $16.50 with two pieces of halibut and seven shrimp.

And the deal breaker was clam chowder that was better than Ivar's - sorry, Seattle!

I really enjoyed Whittier for many reasons, but if you only need one reason, it's the fresh seafood at Swiftwater Seafood Cafe!

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