Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camping on the Spit

Turk and I left Anchorage this morning, headed up the Turnagain Arm towards the   Kenai Peninsula, while BJ waited for a connection to Phoenix. The boys will be wandering without direction for the next week.

I couldn't resist a picture. I'm wondering which marketing expert thought this was a good name for a BBQ place. When we went by this morning it was closed.

There was some well deserved construction in progress on the Sterling Highway, but not as much as was needed. The deciduous trees are leafing out making for multiple shades of green as you look across the forest.

As we drove south, the weather was nice enough that Mount Redoubt was visible on the other side of the Cook Inlet, sans the steam that is sometimes observed venting from this active volcano.

Our destination for the day was Homer. I especially wanted to experience the Homer Spit, so we're camped in the town's Fishing Hole Campground, about midway out to the end of the spit. Homer is a fishing town with a heavy dose of tourism tossed in.

I did make a quick pass around the marina and spotted the very clean (from a distance) Qualifier 105 berthed among the working boats. Designed originally for long distance charter sports fishing out of San Diego, it recently sold and moved to Homer where it will be supporting long distance Arctic research projects.

We'll see more of Homer tomorrow.