Sunday, June 16, 2013

From One End of the Road to Another – 6/15/2013

The grandson and I paddled the perimeter of Rainbow Lake Saturday morning. Saw a few minnows jumping, but nothing of significance.

We decided to shift from the end of the Swanson River Road to the mouth of the Swanson River, in hopes that we would find a place with fewer mosquitoes. To do that we drove the 17 miles back to the highway, headed to Soldotna, and then followed the Kenai cutoff to the end of the road at the Captain Cook State Park.

We stopped in Soldotna at the Fred Meyers to pick up some mosquito spray, but they were out of stock. They do provide very nice parking (including overnight parking,) as well as fresh water and a sanitary dump facility.

We’ve been on the road two months now, and just added some fog to our exceptions to the sun and blue sky rule. We’ve experienced one day of snow (out of Fort Nelson) and one day of rain (in Anchorage) – now we can add an hour of thin fog to our exception list.

The fog cleared by the time we got to the park so that we could see Mount Redoubt across the Cook Inlet.

There are 53 sites in this park, some that are reasonably level. All are first come, first served. Fees are $12 and include potable drinking water (pitcher pump), trash collection, and vented outhouses. About 20% were open on a Saturday evening.  Five bars of Verizon 1x with the antenna and amplifier, nothing without.

And lest I forget - the view from the bridge over the Swanson near the mouth of the river.

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