Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Independence Yet

I drove out to the Palmer/Wasilla area today to visit the Independence Mine near Hatcher Pass. In theory, it opens on the first Saturday in June, but the upper gate was closed with lots of snow to melt yet. I'll have to wait until later this summer for the mine.

Much of the snow was flowing down the upper reaches of the Little Susitna river. I kept watching it thinking I'll bet the kayaks run this when it's flowing nice.

Turns out they do.

A group of three, quickly and competently working their way down river. Looked like fun but I wasn't about to run it in my open canoe.

I looked around Wasilla, but I couldn't see Russia. I did get a chance to see a high school friend, however which made the trip worthwhile.


  1. Love the whitewater. Our days in that stuff are Over!

    1. I've still got the boat and the gear, but I think my roll got left behind somewhere. Our AZ rivers are primarily pool & drop. What I'm seeing here is just drop, with pools very few and far between.