Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eagle River Nature Walk

We went out communing with nature on foot the last couple days, and left the Scamp at the son's house.

The Eagle River Nature Center is located in the Chugach State Park. As part of their mission to educate about nature, they have several yurts and cabins available for rent. We hiked 1.75 miles in to the Rapids Yurt and stayed two nights.

The trail to the yurt was part of the historic Iditarod trail.

Each trail intersection was clearly signed. Lots of opportunities for wonderful day hike loops of various lengths as well as a 20+ mile trail to Girdwood.

The Rapids Yurt is the oldest of the three yurts available. It was built in 2000. Three-fourths of a mile beyond this yurt is the newest one, opened this year. They are positioned off the main trail so that campers aren't bothered by hikers passing through the camp.

The wood stove was very efficient!

A fun time with the family, even if the grandson did trounce me in Yahtzee.

The views were beautiful, and the mosquitoes weren't too bad except the first evening when there was very little breeze.

We left smiling

except when we had to turn the sign over.

A big thanks to the son's neighbor who loaned some of the stuff they needed to make the trip possible.


  1. What a great looking family....and quality family time!

  2. The people shots really made this post. Happy campers indeed"