Monday, June 2, 2014

Who is This Guy?

The barn for the day was located in the community of Rice, south of Kettle Falls, Wa. Actually, it looked more like a small cluster of homes than a community but it did have a church, so maybe community is the correct description.

I normally avoid any sense of politics on my blog and I don't know this guy from Adam. I noticed the collection of rust in Hunters, Wa. before I noticed the sign, but I found the location striking. Seems like a really strange place for a sign with the tag line "Fighting For Our Future." I'm pretty sure this collection of rust doesn't have much future.

The rest of the rust was really much more interesting

especially this one.

And from a different angle.

I did a bit of research on Mr. Smith. Apparently the election which he won was last November - just never got around to taking the sign down. There were a couple smaller election signs as well. Not sure who they were for since the grass was higher than the signs.

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