Friday, June 20, 2014

All Wet - On the Inside

This is the third time we've stayed in the free Tulalip Casino RV parking lot and the first time that we didn't get a good night sleep. Between the fire crackers going off at the fireworks stand, the conversations outside in the middle of the night, and the neighbor's seemingly unmuffled generator at 6:01 a.m., it wasn't the most restful night.

We'd planned to head directly to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal and then fix breakfast while waiting in line for the ferry but, for the first time ever, I paid the man at the toll booth and rolled directly onto the ferry - the last to board before departure. With the LP turned off for the crossing to Kingston, there wasn't any reason to go to the trailer for breakfast.

We rolled through Port Gamble just like I have every other time I've driven this road. Someday, I'm going to stop and spend some time exploring this picturesque former company town. It seemed like every single home along the highway was well maintained and colorfully painted.

When we stopped in Port Angeles to pick up an Olympic National Park map, BJ went to the trailer to get some snacks. What she found was that our fresh water tank contents were now mostly all over the floor. The water pump had been left on, the sink drainer was seated, and the water faucet had somehow turned on. For once I was glad that the fresh water tank is actually smaller than Scamp advertises and was not full.

We changed plans and headed for a campground that is known for lack of shade (and privacy) where the covers were taking off one set of cushions and the "winter" and paddling clothes that had been in a soft pack on the floor were all taken out to dry.

Towels served as cushion covers for the evening while the actual covers continued to dry. We were pleasantly surprised at how easily the covers went back on the next day.

I must say, the view was really tough to take. I'd been led to believe that there wouldn't be any Verizon coverage but I get one bar of 3G on the phone and 5 bars of 4G with the antenna and amplifier. $5 per night for seniors. No reservations.

Hope the weather stays as nice as our first day here.


  1. Wow, hope everything dries out and nothing was ruined. I am really enjoying reading your blog and getting some great ideas for future RV trips.

    1. Oh, ya, everything dried out fine. Glad you're enjoying the blog, Cathy - there are untold number of neat places to visit!