Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adios to Ellensburg

We had a wonderful time at Glory Farm and got a couple projects done for them. Since we were in Ellensburg, I decided to try to meet up with a high school friend. I'd first thought about contacting them when we drove through the small community of Rice on our way here. Rice is about the same size as Milltown. Neither "populated place" is apparently big enough to have census data.

Since the friend works middle of the night hours and goes to school, it was a bit of a challenge to find a logical time to get together but we decided to have breakfast at 5 p.m. in deference to the shifted schedule.

BJ and I arrived a few minutes early at the appointed place and took a seat at the bench in front to watch for people arriving. After a while we checked our watches and then I double checked our correspondence, just to make sure of time and place. Finally, I sent a message...

Yup, we'd been stood up, by a high school friend. ;-) At least our friends at Glory Farm welcomed us and made us part of the family, even if they do have this thing about cows, even on weather vanes.

As photogenic as the barn is, it's the people that keep drawing us back here. It's fun to help with house restoration projects, but that's really just an excuse to enjoy people that we've claimed as family.

And meanwhile, I promised the high school friend that we wouldn't disclose their name. I hope we can get together next time we're in town.


  1. Loved your last picture! What a wonderful place with wonderful people!

    1. That picture pretty well sums up Glory Farm for me. A small working farm, owned by people who care. I find it incredibly peaceful.