Thursday, June 19, 2014


Anacortes is a town of about 16,000 people located on Fidalgo Island (connected by bridge to the mainland) in northwest Washington. It is a town with lots of forestry and marine history. The downtown area features flower baskets on the light poles, a tree lined main street, and lots of restaurants.

In addition to several marinas, there are three shipyards in town. Dakota Industries is known for their rugged commercial ships such as the Sally Ride - a 238' research vessel. Northern Marine specializes in resin infused composite yachts and superyachts - fiberglass recreational vehicles if you will...

Anacortes serves as the mainland port for that portion of the Washington State Ferry system serving the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Just beyond the ferry terminal, is the city's Washington Park. In addition to a boat launch and large day-use picnic area, the park has 68 campsites on a thickly treed peninsula. About 2/3 are water/electric sites ($25) and most are over 35' deep. The entrance road is narrow and steep and the loop roads are unpaved.

The park does have a few deer

and this year we spotted two small fawns.

One of the highlights of the park is a 2+ mile loop road around the peninsula, with views looking out across Rosario Strait to the San Juan islands.

It might be full for a Saturday night in the summer, but generally sites are available without reservation. Its location makes it a good option for activities in the Skagit Valley as well.


  1. Hi, John,

    I just found your blog...I am hoping to spend some time in Anacortes in another month or so. Can you please tell me if you were able to get online via your Verizon hotspot? I have to work from my rig, so that will determine if I can stay there during the week. Thanks!! Suzanne

    1. We had good connectivity at Washington Park BUT I was using our Wilson Sleek 4-V booster and an external antenna on a short mast. Connectivity without was marginal.

      Another option in Anacortes (no shade) is the RV parking at the city's Cap Sante Marina. Parking is located on the north side of the marina basin. I'm not sure the prices. Seems like it was $10 for dry camping last August when we came through after our Alaska trip. I know you'll have good connectivity there.

    2. Thanks so much, John! I do have a couple of antenna options -- omni-directional on the ladder, and a Yagi on a "10 foot pole." ;-) So hopefully I will be okay. Great to know about the dry camping option, since I just got solar installed. / will research that as an option. Thanks again!