Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Whale of a Good Time

South Beach offers a wonderful, little used beach to walk on with lots of firm sand at anything other than high tide.

Driftwood comes in all sizes, but this beach has some very large driftwood over 60' long and eight or more feet in diameter. With nothing but thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean to the west, I suspect the winter storms could be real impressive.

People have left some creations behind like this stack of rocks on a log,

or this "fort" of small driftwood stacked up against a log and a large stump. The other side was enclosed as well except for a small spot to crawl into the resulting space.

Nature had left some things behind like this polished razor clam shell.

The highlight was three orca that came by our first evening, just off the beach. It was about high tide and they slowly worked their way north along the breaker line. Unfortunately, I never got a better picture - always just the swirl where they sank below the surface again.


  1. Beaches are magical places to me. I am amazed at the size of the driftwood there. And love the fort. What fun someone must have had making it!

    When I was growing up on a Florida beach, we used to love to make jewelry with shells. Your shell photo looks jewel-like to me. :)

    You were very fortunate to spot the orca!

    1. BJ especially loves the beach. I kept looking at surf spots and wished I'd brought my whitewater kayak. We spotted the orca because the folks in the site next to us mentioned them. We'd been looking the other direction at the time.